Name Behind Embryology
About Alpha

An international forum for scientists in reproductive medicine and a non-profit organization. It was “conceived” during summer of 1994, by a group of scientists who having witnessed a slow but steady progress of clinical developments which spread IVF/ART to every corner of the globe.

Its objectives are “To advance the art and science of clinical embryology for the benefit of public worldwide, through international promotion of education, communication and collaboration.” Internet conferences are held which discuss current issues in clinical embryology/ART with publications of edited proceedings.

It is an international society or as a forum for communication and interchange of ideas and information between all scientists, technologists and technicians working in the field of reproductive science.
Its long term goals include suggestions for laboratory accreditation, promote training courses with certification, organise international scientific meetings and publish an International Code of Practice for Clinical Embryology in order to define standards of quality and good clinical practice.
Empowering Excellence in Embryology WORKSHOP
INDIA - 2013
  • Delhi 25th September, 2013

  • Chennai 27th September, 2013

  • Mumbai 28th September, 2013

  • Mumbai 29th September, 2013