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Part of €350 Million Novasep Group primarily concentrates on purification needs of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, agrochemical and specialty chemical industries; using industrial processes.

Novasep Process offers solutions for producing pure products, from process development to optimization, from the supply of laboratory purification equipment to the delivery of industrial turn-key purification plants.

Novasep Process has continuously built a unique pool of technologies in the field of separation and purification. Through synergies with Novasep Synthesis, Novasep Process technologies enable straightforward and cost efficient global synthesis of new molecules, while helping to reduce time to market. Novasep Process expertise contributes to the development of a large range of important new molecules.


BIA Separations is a worldwide provider of solutions for biotechnology companies founded in 1998 having their Head Quarters in Austria and R&D Production in Slovenia. Our CIM® monolithic prepacked chromatographic columns enable high-speed purifications of biopharmaceuticals.

They have over 20 years’ experience in chromatographic purification of large biomolecules such as viruses (rAAV, adenovirus, influenza, lentivirus, bacteriophages), plasmid DNA and larger proteins (mAbs, IVIG, IgM, PEGylated proteins) up to industrial scale (non cGMP and cGMP compliant). They provide products that range from small analytical columns to large industrial prep-scale columns (including cGMP and disposable units in IEX, HIC, affinity and customized formats) as well as method development services.

Exhibiting unrivaled high operational flow rates, binding capacity and separation resolution, the columns provide the best solutions in downstream processing and analytics saving our customers valued time and costs during the production of their desired biomolecules.