Communicate, Motivate, Engage - Watch your team members turn into Intrapreneurs
This one for sure turns the organization upside down. Why should the CEO be the only thinking head while all others just follow by and wait for instructions? Why not the other way round, where all team members participate in driving organization challenges, they think, they share and feel proud of not just being there but being engaged.
myplugHR.com lets organizations create those workplaces of the future. It provides organizations with a method to capture mind space of the team members at the last mile - the one that truly deals with your end consumer day on day. Based on the philosophy that opportunities occur the most at last mile and that those interfaces are increasingly becoming smarter and smarter, myplugHR.com converts every cubicle at your workplace into corner office. So next time, if your best cost control idea comes from the spendthrift marketing manager, don't disbelieve, he always had that idea, he didn't have myplugHR.com then. With some unique Intrapreneurship apps, myplugHR.com proactively captures imagination of team members around addressing key business challenges like product, costs, competition, team training, hiring etc.
myplugHR.com also provides team members an online workplace allowing them to stay connected with all organizational activities, events, announcements, policy guidelines, organizational information and important forms and documents.
Treating workplace as a social workgroup, myplugHR.com derives the motivational, behavioral & collaborative advantages out of team members in organizational interest. So whether it's appreciating good work of others or inviting colleagues for a coffee, myplugHR.com has it all that makes for a winners lounge.
Increasingly, organization's capacity to capture opportunities of the future would be a direct function of their abilities to engage team members in entrepreneurial pursuits. With myplugHR.com by your side, you have an unfair advantage - Lucky you.
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