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What exactly does offer?
  • It allows each of your team members to participate in organizational challenges around business, product, costs, training, hiring etc.
  • Allows for smooth communication both from organization to team members and within teams.
  • Provides for announcements, events sharing, pictures, documents, downloads, connecting the whole organization in one shot.
How does being on impact my team's strength?
  • Team's true strength exists in communication & collaboration; they effectively do that on
  • Proactive, informed, networked & engaged - that makes for a strong team on
Aren't systems like these meant for large companies?
  • With, even smallest of the companies can have top of the line platform at work, powering up their teams.
  • is fully expandable and flexible allowing you to start at any size and grow to any.
Will my team members end up spending lot of time on this platform?
No, while provides for highly beneficial applications, it is not an open ended platform. What team members can do here is controlled keeping in mind the time factors. Team members use the platform as and when they feel the need.
What's the kind of training my team would need to use this tool effectively?
Absolutely no training is needed by team members. sports a very user friendly interface thus enabling every team member to login and begin using the platform like a child's play.
I do not have a professional HR set up; will this platform make sense then?
Very much, it does. In fact there is all the more reason for you to use considering that you do not have a professional HR set up. would facilitate you in building a professional HR delivery system while also letting the teams participates actively.
How much effort & time does it take to set up for my company?
None for you. Call us for coffee and before it goes cold, can go live, with your team members participating already.
How does one subscribe to
A simple subscription form signing is all it takes. Call us over and in one meeting, know the product in detail, sign the form and set it up in a jiffy.